Strawberry Angel Food Cake Jello Dessert

Strawberry Angel Food Jello_CCTNT

When I was thinking about recipes I’d like to share, I thought about one of my favorite desserts from my childhood.  Strawberry Angel Food Jello.  I remember my mom making this frequently when I was growing up but haven’t had it for years.  I called my mom for the recipe and she not only told but she would get me the recipe, she made it and took pictures as well.  What an awesome mom!!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

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Chocolate-Cherry Brownies


I, Wanda, actually made a new dessert this weekend. Small miracles still happen. Not sure what got into me, but I felt like baking. Not only did I feel like baking, but I just happened to have the majority of ingredients to make something. When two worlds collide, you need to react and so I went into action. I found this dessert in a First magazine while on vacation. This dessert looked a bit different to me and that is why it caught my interest and I could easily make it gluten free (“GF”). All signs that it was meant to be. [Read more...]

Chicken Pot Pie Casserole

Chicken Pot Pie with CCTNT

I’ve been making this version of Chicken Pot Pie for as long as I can remember.  The list of ingredients might seem a bit long,but the reality is several are in cans or items typically in the cupboard….and this recipe really doesn’t take long to whip up.   [Read more...]

Potato Nest with CCTNT
We are having a hot summer week. I hope everyone is finding ways to stay cool. Let Chickchatthisandthat make your menu selections easy this week with this menu:

Monday – Potato Nests
Tuesday – Monte Cristo Sandwich
Wednesday – I will be eating out this night; hopefully you can find a local establishment that has a wonderful special
Thursday – home made personal pizzas
Friday – Grilled Salmon
Saturday – Sausage and Eggs Breakfast dish
Sunday – Enjoy grilling brats for the family

Enjoy your week with these wonderful foods


Spaghetti Salad

spaghetti salad CCTNT

Years ago when we first moved to Wisconsin, there was a small grocery in the small village we moved to.  Now, the bakery and the deli were the only areas we really took advantage of since most of the ‘best by’ dates on most of the canned goods and boxed items had already passed….yuck!  (needless to say, that grocery shut down years ago!).

One salad they had was a spaghetti salad made with cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions and zesty Italian dressing.  I figured I could concoct this myself and have been making this every summer for years.  My kids even like it!  This salad is absolutely great for summer parties, holiday get-togethers or even just to have a side salad for the week.  It stays really well in the fridge for about 5-7 days (if it lasts that long!).

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Add Flair to Rice Krispies Treats


I was hanging out on Pinterest trying to find something fun to make for a 4th of July celebration. It was at my sister-in-laws and to celebrate my nephew’s 4th of July birthday and, well, the 4th of July! While on my quest to find something “cool” to bring, I found something that looked like I could actually make, festive Rice Krispies treats!

Now the making of the treats is quite simple, but the accessories made it a bit more decorative and “kid fun.” It was basically done with a colored popsicle stick, some white frosting, festive sprinkles and ribbon. Basically, it is taking the Rice Krispies treats and wrapping them up in a fancy package. [Read more...]

Hot Chicken Salad

Hot Chicken Salad at CCTNT

Olivia recently brought this recipe home.  My friend Kristi had given her a taste from a batch she had made and Olivia had fallen in love.  I hope you like it as much as Olivia. [Read more...]

Weekly Menu



I am on vacation this week, so this means anything goes. The week will be a combination of meals out and the possibility of making more time-intensive meals at home. We will see what the week brings, but here are some initial ideas for meals:

Monday: BBQ baby back ribs (pictured above), hash brown potatoes and corn on the cob. These are all of my boys’ favorites, so they will be excited about this meal. [Read more...]

Peach Sangria

Peach Sangria CCTNT


Well, it’s definitely summer and this week was a vacation week for Rick and me.  We decided to do a ‘staycation’ and get a bunch of stuff done around the house.  It is also prime Georgia peach season, and so the next several weeks I will be posting some new recipes I found (and tweeked!) to help use up our peaches.  In previous posts I have mentioned the Tree-Ripe truck that brings us Wisconsinites fresh peaches, blueberries, oranges, grapefruit and pecans.  If you aren’t familiar with this, check out my prior post.  I also have several recipes that are great for fresh peaches, such as Peach Pie.  Several of the other chicks here at Chick Chat This and That also have peach recipes:  Peach Cupcakes, Canning Peaches, and Freezer Peaches - check them out too!

Since I am on vacation, I decided to have a few drinks (shocker I know!), and I saw this sangria recipe — you have got to try it!  Yum – it is really good and stays well in the fridge for several days (if it lasts that long!).  This recipe also made me think of Elizabeth here at CCTNT – she loves sangria from The Outback — I think this recipe will become one of her favorites.

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Quick & Easy GF Dessert–Frito Bars



I love it when I am introduced to a new, gluten-free (“GF”) dessert. This weekend my sister-in-law, Sue, came to visit and she is always trying new recipes. Her latest was something I could really enjoy as it was GF and it doesn’t happen that often that I get to try a new dessert. Most often, I end up having some fruit, which isn’t the worst thing, but definitely not as enjoyable or fun.

Here is how Sue made her delicious Frito Bar creation: [Read more...]