Peach Salsa – Canned

Peach Salsa CCTNT

Peaches, peaches, peaches….I truly believe that peaches are one of the top 2 best fruits that God ever created (raspberries being a very close second or perhaps a tie).  In the past, I would simply buy my fresh Georgia peaches from the Tree-Ripe truck and only make peach pies.  Well, with Andi getting me hooked on canning last year, I decided to spread my wings.  I canned peach jam and have always wanted to try my hand at peach salsa.  I searched for peach salsa recipes and ended up cobbling together several different recipes to come up with one I thought we would like.  I canned these in half-pint jars because when I eat salsa from the grocery, we tend to open a jar and only eat about half of it, so the half-pint size is perfect for one meal or sitting.  It’s also a great size to give away to friends and family.  This recipe takes several hours to make, so make sure you set aside a good part of the day – it will be well worth your time!  It tastes great on tacos, grilled pork chops, nachos, grilled chicken, cheeseburgers, and many other items that you would normally use regular salsa or other condiments.

Andi has a great recipe Garden-Fresh Salsa and if you are new to canning salsa, she has a great post on how to do it.   [Read more...]

Emergency Preparedness

Image Courtesy of The Red Cross -

Image Courtesy of The Red Cross –

Almost three years ago my mother’s heart stopped beating and she collapsed.  Pulseless, nonbreather is what they called her in the ER.  If was an incredibly scary time for our family and I have to admit if I didn’t believe in miracles before that episode I certainly would have believed in them afterwards.

Long story short, my mom had just finished saying goodbye to my sister and her friend when after shutting the door she collapsed on the floor unconscious.  Fortunately, my then 12 year old niece was in the room and saw what happened.  She was able to run outside and flag her mom down as they were pulling away down the street.

While none of the three of them knew CPR, my sister’s friend was able to keep it together and follow the instructions issued by the 911 operator.  Between the quick CPR my mom received, the prompt response by the fire department and the availability of a Lucas Chest Compression System (if your local fire departments don’t have one, this would make an awesome community gift), my mom came through the ordeal without any lasting damage.

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American Ninja Warrior–Warped Wall Finished!


The national finals of American Ninja Warrior finished up last Monday night and we only saw two finalists go into Stage 3–Joe Moravsky and Elet Hall. In Stage 3, Elet lost his grip on the floating boards and was out and it was then down to the weatherman, Joe Moravsky, to attempt to be the first American Ninja Warrior! Unfortunately, he came up short on the hang climb, i.e. the upside down rock wall. We were so bummed! However, this week we got to see the American Ninja Warrior USA vs. the World! Unfortunately, the European Team won in Stage 4! We were bummed.

All this has increased the boys’ passion for obstacles and fortunately, the warped wall is in use! It has been moved to the back yard from the driveway and, I must admit, it is pretty awesome and is definitely the hit of the hood! This weekend we had about 10 boys in the backyard attempting to conquer the warped wall. [Read more...]

Miracle cleaner


Recently I read about a new homemade cleaner that just about everyone can easily make from your cupboard items.  This cleaner can take old stained pans and make them shine like brand new! [Read more...]

Beef Burgundy

Beef Burgundy with CCTNT

I recently felt like trying something new in my crock pot, so I pulled out my handy dandy “Rival® Crock Pot® Incredibly Easy Recipes” cookbook.  When flipping through the pages, I stumbled across Beef Burgundy and thought I would try it.  I’m glad I did.  It was easy to make and tasted delicious.  Skiiiiii – ore!!!!  Here’s what you’ll need to buy and do. [Read more...]

Weekly Menu

Biscuit Bar-B-Cup In Pan with CCTNT

Well, the girls are back to college, so it’s just Dan and me for meals.  While that means I don’t need to make as much for each meal, I still need to make just as many meals…..dang!!  Here’s what I’m planning for this week. [Read more...]

Peach Jam

Peach Jam CCTNT

Well you may have noticed by now that I am the ‘pie gal’ and most recently become the ‘jam gal’ here at Chick Chat This and That.  As I mentioned in prior posts (Raspberry Jam, Blueberry Jam), I gave canning jam a whirl this summer and it was TOTALLY successful.  We have gone through probably 6-8 jars already, some of which I gave away to friends and relatives, as well as my daughter, Sara, wanted to take some to school for her morning toast and bagels.  This recipe does take a little more doing, since peeling the peaches is a longer process than simply smashing up berries.  There is an easy hint that prevents you from having to peel each peach, which is very time consuming.  You simply put the whole peaches in boiling water, boil for 30-45 seconds, plunge them in ice water and ta-da! the skins simple peel off with your hands (it’s similar to how you peel tomatoes for canning).  I have included two options for this recipe:  regular peach jam and a spiced version.  I made two batches, one of each and I will have to say the spiced version is a nice change and tastes great spread over grilled pork chops! [Read more...]

Migraines – Identifying Your Triggers

Migraine Triggers

I deal with a lot of migraines.  Anyone who has regular migraines know that they aren’t a lot of fun.  Typically when I get them I have them for a few days, up to a week.  I’ve had episodes last about six weeks.  Kind of puts a damper on life.

The severity of them tends to vary.  Sometimes they’ll be so bad that I’m in bed for the day.  The majority of the time I can keep them at a level that allows me function so they don’t disrupt my life to much.  It’s not unusual for me to have a low level headache several days a week.

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Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB Cream

31GiScx-G1LI am always in search for a foundation that covers my blemishes and uneven skin tone, but doesn’t cause breakouts. This can be difficult to find as I have found great foundations only to soon experience oilier skin and breakouts. Well, I was using a BB cream that worked great, but I tried a new one the last few months and found myself coming back to my previous brand. That brand is Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB cream. Nothing like going to something new to realize you really prefer the old!

I have been purchasing it at Sephora, but it isn’t cheap. It runs about $36 for about 1.5 oz, but it is worth the price as it has 25 SPF and doesn’t cause me to break out! Now, it does not come in a bunch of colors, only one universal color. You are likely thinking,

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Ice cream dessert


In the summer, ice cream desserts are wonderful to serve guests.  This recipe is a flavorful treat and it is rather simple.    Prep time is a minimal 10 minutes.   If you try this dessert once, I believe it will be in your recipe book forever! [Read more...]